About Groupe B&T


B&T GROUP is the result of the merger of two entrepreneurs, Blaise Nzetchoang Nguewo and Monique Tatiana Koko Edimengo. Since 2004, both have been combining their ambitions to build businesses.

 In 2007, they started with socio-economic associations to support entrepreneurship with students from the Faculty of Law and Economics in Douala, Cameroon.

In 2008, they created their first company for the promotion and commercial intermediation of Cacao-Café. In 2010, they extended their activities to project management and assistance in business creation, recruitment and placement of human resources.  The same year they created the magazine Cameroon Business Initiatives with the aim of promoting business creation projects and local development.

In 2015, the two entrepreneurs decided to embrace the field of financial services by building a distribution network of financial products and services within the largest independent financial services marketing organisation in North America, listed on the New York Stock Exchange and named by FORBES magazine as one of the 50 most trusted financial services companies in the United States.

In 2020, these supporters of economic development in Africa created the B&T Group for the management and financing of projects in both the real estate sector and the production and processing sector.