Do you have a suitable space to build the house or building of your dreams?

B&T GROUP can accompany you from conception to completion. You have all the technical resources you need for your real estate project in one place.

You don't have the financial means to carry out your project?

B&T GROUP offers you an evaluation and solutions for financing real estate projects according to your profile.


Are you planning to renovate your residential or commercial building? B&T GROUP has the technical resources to meet your needs.

Are you short of funds for your renovation project? Our RENOVATION INVESTMENT program could finance your work. This program aims to improve your living and/or working space.

Are you a homeowner looking to renovate your property? Meet with one of our sales representatives who will be happy to help you with your project.


Buying a residential or commercial property can sometimes be the quickest way to acquire a property. Before meeting the administrative requirements inherent in the purchase, it is necessary to raise the funds needed to finalise the purchase. B&T GROUP can assist you in this process by providing a medium or long-term down payment or immediate partial or total financing.

Do you have a purchase project? Meet with one of our sales representatives who will be happy to help you with your project.


The image of a legal person as for a natural person, matters. Our environment, both domestic and professional, also needs our care. Our environment translates our identity and expresses our hospitality….


Our home, the family cocoon, should be a haven of peace, and we're not just talking about interior design; it's a place that reflects who we are, a place that reflects our world, a place of comfort and solace but also a place that is hospitable to family and friends.

Let us help you rediscover what your planet would look like. Our team has the resources and knowledge to make your current space feel good. Same space, new decor


Despite the health challenges we have been through, the workplace is more important today than ever before: it is not enough to have a spacious building but above all a welcoming one.

Yes, a space that reflects the company's philosophy, its vision, but also that of its team, partners and customers. In short, a timeless space, hospitable to diversity.