AFRICA-HOUSING is a project to improve the quality of life in both the domestic and professional environments.

Indeed, we all know how good it feels to be at home, the place to build family ties, to create memories, the temple of family memory, the place to make decisions, a place that inspires security and stability, in short, the soil of our roots.

Moreover, working in an environment that inspires confidence, encourages creativity, and allows for development is a must today.

Although all of this comes down to people first, AFRICA-HOUSING will do its part to help you build the building of your dreams, renovate it and fit it out so that you can achieve your goals.


AFRICA-HOUSING is a flagship service of B&T GROUP. Many families and small businesses have expressed a strong need for financial and technical support for the purchase of a residential or commercial property, renovation or construction. Another major concern is the trust we strive to earn.

Our AFRICA-HOUSING program is aimed at middle class families, young businesses established in Africa, Africans in the diaspora and even foreigners who wish to build a property in Africa.

We have a flexible structure that allows for progressive down payments and short, medium- and long-term loan repayment terms.




To be eligible for the program: AFRICA-HOUSING


The project must be located in Africa


Have a title of ownership


Satisfy down payment requirements.  


Proof of income


Proof of identity


B&T GROUP takes to heart all the projects submitted by its clients. The detailed study made by our experts on each project requires the required skills that we put at the disposal of your real estate project.

A study fee is required to understand, locate, analyse and provide the basic suggestions for the realisation of your project. This fee is non-refundable even if the client withdraws before, during or after the response from our team of experts.