Leadership: Your level of leadership determines your level of success


This chapter on leadership is one of the most important in this training program that you must learn and master if you want to be successful in your career, your projects, or your business. In each step of your process you will be called as managers to work with people and this will require you to be able to positively influence so that your team or any stakeholder involved can effectively contribute to the advancement of a common goal. without being forced to, but rather with all the necessary motivation.

Everything fails and succeeds because of leadership. Mastering this quality is like opening the door to success.


You will be ABLE to understand and master the five levels of leadership, you will know the skills and qualities of a good leader and the mistakes to avoid. Finally, you will be able to identify your leadership position and you will know what to work on to move from level to level with the people you lead.


Use your leadership wisely, move forward in your projects and advance the members of your organization.