The 7 eternal laws of success: The law of freedom, A requirement in the poursuit of success


There are many who carry projects for the creation of companies, of inventions; there are many people who have exceptional talents but never express them or will never express them. Why? Because they are captives of this world without law or faith that criticizes, ignores, breaks and deflates those who want to unfold in their authenticity. Don’t lose your freedom.

In this chapter we discuss and encourage people with ambitions to remain free to think BIG, to nurture the desire to see the fruit of their imagination someday come true through action and resilience.

We discuss some concepts and themes that will prepare you for success in your business endeavors whatever the idea being to bring you to the top of your achievements through inner change, personal and professional development.


Be able to undertake with confidence; to be able and above all free to see BIG but accept to start small; accept that at the start of our march to success we can have the world against us; take objections, rejection and failure as temporary.


Claim your identity as a free, authentic, original and true entrepreneur who fights for his convictions, his dreams and his projects. Succeed in your plans and not those of others, in your time and not that of others, up to your expectations and not those of others, by inner conviction and not by popular and media influence. You are an actor of progress who does more than entrepreneurship, an actor who participates voluntarily and freely in a better world.