The 7 eternal laws of success: The law of knowledge


Many people flock to training schools, specializations, universities hoping to find enough knowledge to make a fortune. Unfortunately, schools and universities can impart knowledge but not how to use it.

In this chapter we will focus on approach techniques that will help you choose your dream formation that corroborates with your condition and your desire to get rich and be successful.

Note one thing: knowledge comes with training, but the expertise that leads to fortune comes with practice.

You will not be paid for what you know but for what you do or have done with what you know.


By the end of this chapter you will be able to play with your strengths and those of others, able to choose one or more careers and succeed like a PRO. You will be able to choose an accessible and immediately profitable and non-binding business opportunity and gradually take it to the top until you become financially free. You will be a PRO of knowledge and use of it.


Optimize your theoretical but above all practical knowledge, boost your strengths, accept, and work with others, develop your network of contacts which will make you a player in success.