Groupe B&T met a young entrepreneur whose mission is to help young people in need by combining school studies and personal development. In the following lines you will learn more about this organization of which Dr Gervais Kamga is the founder.

Move to Top is a revolutionary online coaching programme for young people from kindergarten to university to turn them into Champions. It literally revolutionises current tutoring services (tutoring, homework help...), to ensure young people succeed in their studies and in their lives. Unlike homework help and tutoring, Move to top focuses on the young person and not on their subjects.

A vision that stands out

Dr Gervais Kamga, the founder, stresses (and it is true) that very often, and even for a young person who experiences difficulties in succeeding in his studies, the problem is not in the subjects, but in the young person himself. Having the winning mindset and succeeding brilliantly in one's studies is something that needs to be worked on. Being able to stand up and say, no matter what the obstacles are: «I know I'm going to make it», that's something you have to work on. Being able to stand up to a maths, science or French test, or any other difficulty, and say: «I won't back down from any of these things», that's something you have to work at.

«We deeply believe that success, in studies and in life, is just a question of strategy and mental attitude; and EVERY YOUNG PERSON is capable of it. We pass on to them a METHODOLOGY, unique in the world; which transforms them into true champions. » - Dr Gervais Kamga, the founder

This support ensures that young people have a more fulfilled life course.

The support is in the form of online resources (videos, games, documents, etc.), motivational groups, and personalised follow-up by video-conference coaches. It enables students to succeed in their studies with excellent grades and then in their lives where they prepare to become leaders. More than 90% of the students who follow the programme progress rapidly and achieve very good academic results. Some students have even joined the programme from a position of failure and were on the verge of dropping out. Move to Top has enabled them to progress and achieve 100%.

"Before the programme, I had no confidence in myself. I also had a great fear of failure and this prevented me from getting the results I wanted. As soon as I started the program, I started to see an increase in my results, and among other things I learned how to stay confident and how to stop the fear of failure. - Arthur Corriveau Tozzi, Move to Top student.

How did the idea come about?

Arrived in Quebec in 2011, Gervais Kamga is a Doctor in Telecommunications at the National Institute for Scientific Research. Born in Cameroon, in a poor area of Central Africa, he is passionate about academic success and success in general. Throughout his career, he has also achieved outstanding academic results, in addition to national and international prizes.

During his studies, seeing the pain and suffering caused by school difficulties to parents and students, Dr Gervais Kamga gave himself a mission: to build a support to young people, which not only makes a difference in their studies, but transforms them into TRUE CHAMPIONS. Like the champion he always wanted to be. The Move to Top approach is inspired by the same plan that, for example, enabled Dr Gervais Kamga, when he was in secondary school, to become a maths champion and represent his country in an international maths competition.

Inspired by the methods that helped him along the way, Dr. Gervais Kamga founded a blog called ABC Champions in 2014, about academic success. In 2016, the blog gave birth to the Student Champion, an online coaching programme, which works with nearly a hundred students, the initial aim being to test and validate the effectiveness of the programme.

Building on the success achieved, with over 90% in success rate, in 2018, Dr Gervais Kamga launched Move to Top, a comprehensive online coaching programme for young people from kindergarten to university, to transform them into champions. More than 95% of the students tracked in the programme progress quickly and achieve high academic results.

And it's not just the school...

Move to Top is a reminder that academic success is not the only thing that makes you successful in life. «We prepare our young people to become leaders and champions. They are set apart from others by their mindset and are prepared for success. We ensure that they have a more fulfilled life path. » - Dr Gervais Kamga

Listen to the video interview by following this link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFAHjPOXlJE&t=966s&ab_channel=Black%26Tough

For more information:

Dr Gervais Kamga, founder of Move to Top

Website : www.movetotop.com

Telephone : 514 941-7349

Email : kamga@emt.inrs.ca