August 16, 2020 - Book introduction: The 7 Eternal Laws of Success

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The book on the 7 Eternal Laws of Success is a work inspired by my entrepreneurial adventure which began in 2004.

It is a collection of recipes drawn from an innocent experience stained with errors, disappointments, frustrations but above all lessons.

More than teachings, experience and fortune I have received the call of God in my journey.

Through all these experiences I have become a good son, a present brother, an attentive dad, a friend husband, a leader who participates in the development of others.

In this process I understood the difference between being successful and being successful. More than a successful leader I have bet on the eternal success which requires me to be a man of values.

I call the book The 7 Eternal Laws of Success a guide to personal and professional development. Divided into 7 chapters, it aims to CAPABLE my readers to do more than entrepreneurship: change the world.

To do this I recommend that you read carefully in a quiet place and with a notebook or put notes in it and record firm resolutions. Preferably one chapter per week and a personalized summary per chapter.

So allow me to comment on each of these chapters on the occasion of this dedication evening:

Chapter 1: The Law of Knowledge

Why do people fail in their careers, projects and businesses? Failure very often stems from a lack of sufficient knowledge and steps in their process of materialization. The problems that we encounter on a daily basis are similar to mathematical equations, the more complex they are, the more they require advanced knowledge from its operator. This chapter teaches about some professional steps that lead to success. But what is success?

Chapter 2: The Law of Positive Mental Attitude

This chapter immerses us in a series of reflections on our behavior in the face of adversity. As Zig Zigglar puts it "your attitude more than your ability will determine your altitude".

Here I succinctly share my disappointments and I submit my readers to some reflective exercises on their reactions to unfortunate circumstances in life.

A positive mental attitude in your personal and professional life conditions your success.

Once again, how then, in light of the above, can we define success?

Chapter 3: the law of patience and perseverance

This one is one of my favorites because in his absence I failed a lot but above all I learned a lot from my mistakes.

Understanding it, but above all mastering it guarantees certain success. It is the symbol of the wisdom and maturity witnessed by eternal success. But what is it really this eternal success of which I speak of my work?

Chapter 4: the law of love

This chapter emphasizes Love as an essential ingredient for true eternal success. I insist on a balance between self-esteem, respect for others and the Love of the creator, lord and only savior.

As Charles F. Hannel puts it, pensée Thought imbued with Love becomes invisible. ’

So what is this success that passes through the true Love conveyed in this chapter?

Chapter 5: Law of Purpose

This chapter on PURPOSE sheds light on the need to redefine the very reason for our existence.

Why do you exist? How does your position, your project or your company contribute to a better world?

In the absence of real impact, can we speak of success?

Chapter 6: the law of liberty

In Galatians 5: 1 it is written ‘Christ freed us so that we would be truly free. Hold on, so don't let yourself be enslaved again ’

Are we really free men and women? For anyone who wants to achieve success, must inspect his status in the face of this fundamental question that will ensure a path to eternal success.

Chapter 7: the law of energy

Welcome the reunion of the 3S which contribute to the well-being of those who aspire to success:

1- physical health

2- healthy eating

3- spiritual health

Who has really achieved success without espousing the 3Cs developed in this last chapter?

As a conclusion to this presentation of the book on the 7 Eternal Laws of Success, I like to tell you that: wealth is the flower of power but success is the flower of good applied values.

The eternal success defined in this book advocates good values ​​and principles of common sense and concrete actions for a balance between oneself, others and our environment.

In closing, I will define eternal success as a continuous process of unfolding, not accumulation.

It is relative, contextual, it is universal truth for those who have common sense and not for those who have accumulated only fortune, fame, popularity, goods and relationships.

You can if you want by the light to experience true eternal success today. To do so, to accept to give according to your natural and spiritual gifts, you must accept to change on a personal and professional level.

Thank you.

Blaise Nzetchoang N.

Entrepreneur, author and motivator-teacher