Redesign of the website Groupe-BT.com

Groupe BT has given Matix the mandate to redesign their website, in order to improve performance and security.

Our partner Matix

Matix is made up of IT development experts and specializes in several areas: website creation and redesign, creation of custom applications/software, inclusion of artificial intelligence elements, large-scale projects with cloud infrastructure, consultation, etc. Matix's strength is to use the latest technologies to best meet the needs of its customers

During the redesign of the groupe-bt.com website, the Matix support team regularly presented the evolution of the project, carried out by iterations to quickly adjust and optimize the development work in the direction expected by the customer.

Innovative and optimal technology

The new website of groupe-bt.com, uses a Jamstack architecture which allows the creation of an optimized static website, a different approach from the conventional method which instead uses a central server to respond to user connections.

A static website means that it is optimally generated only once and published directly on content delivery network, better known by the acronym CDN. Distributed all over the world, CDNs eliminate the need for a hosting server responsible for delivering / loading web pages each time a user visits the website.

The advantages of this innovative approach

The different technologies used with such an architecture Jamstack make it possible to obtain a website that is faster, more secure, scalable and easy to maintain. This helps reduce hosting costs, while eliminating the possibility of server failure.

Adding all these benefits together allows the new BT Group website to be extremely fast, regardless of the user's geographic location, since the broadcast servers are located near major urban centers.

On the other hand, a static website is also more secure since there is no single hosting server which often constitutes the possible point of failure, thus making it possible to protect against a computer attack of type Denial of service, better known as DDOS. This type of attack involves inflicting traffic overload, until the server can no longer meet the demand.

Finally, a website of this type also facilitates maintenance since, having no central hosting server, the site is not subject to operating system updates or any other maintenance task to ensure the proper functioning of the website.

The specific aspects of the Groupe BT website

For the redesign of this site, best development practices have been employed, such as optimizing images for mobile phones, tablets and computers and downloading content and images as the user browses the site. site, thus allowing a smooth and fast user experience.

In order to ensure the BT Group's site a maximum presence on the Internet, the site is optimized at the level of search engines, but also in terms of accessibility allowing all types of users to have an optimal browsing experience, including in “offline” mode, the site has already been visited beforehand.

A reliable partner who listens to your needs

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