B&T Management - Investment - Mergers and Acquisitions

We promote local economic development

Groupe B&T is interested in small and medium-sized companies in difficulty that have potential.

Groupe B&T targets the manufacturing, raw materials processing and technology sectors.

Through its activities aimed at projects and SMEs, Groupe B&T thus participates in local economic development.

Our Target Market

Are you a project leader? Are you a small business? Do you have strategic, operational, logistical or financial difficulties? Does your company process raw materials? Do you manufacture products based on local or imported raw materials? Do you have technological projects?

GROUPE B&T can accelerate your growth. Our local experts will be happy to participate in your success. We are here for you. Together is better.

Investment & Financing

Invest in a Project or a Company with Groupe B&T

With your support and those of local partners, we deploy our resources and help small and medium-sized businesses. Our OBJECTIVE is to promote local economic development.

Grow your Business with Groupe B&T

We welcome and study all requests for support that meet the basic conditions targeted by our program. Feel free to SUBMIT your project.

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