B&T Show is a program of information, training, education, sharing, development and above all FUN.

In this special program of the GROUPE B&T we address topics on your real estate investment projects, business projects, innovation and business creation.

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Personal & Professional Development

Our goal here is to improve your knowledge, enhance your talents and potential, realise your aspirations, pursue your dreams and improve your personal and professional quality of life. Everything is POSSIBLE through faith.

Business Opportunities & Innovations

In this section, Groupe B&T shares new projects for creation, innovation and economic and social development. These projects contribute to job creation and the fight against unemployment. These are also business opportunities for you. You can CONTRIBUTE!

Careers and Companies

Are you a professional, a company, representative of a bank or an organization? You can benefit from our B&T-U business community to boost your career or business. You have the opportunity to recruit employees, promote your products and services, build business relationships and even identify business projects to maximize your profits by investing in them.

Exchanges and News

In this section we discuss new products, success stories from here and elsewhere.