B&T Show is a program of information, training, education, sharing, development and above all FUN.

In this special program of the B&T Group we cover topics on personal and professional development, image consultancy and interior design, prosperity and success, business, family life and socio-economic news from a spiritual perspective. If you have a story that you feel is inspiring, motivating and can benefit the world around us, please share it with us through our share form below.

Thank you for contributing to the success of others by sharing. One of the rules of success is sharing, you are an example to follow.

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Personal & Professional Development

Our goal here is to improve your knowledge, enhance your talents and potential, realise your aspirations, pursue your dreams and improve your personal and professional quality of life. Everything is POSSIBLE through faith.

Image & Interior Design Advice

In this space of exchange and advice, Tatiana of the B&T Group shares her passions (fashion, interior design) and her know-how in this field through this platform. She has also influenced her colleagues to take care of their image and their companies, why not you?

Success - Prosperity - Business - Enterprise

In this section, B&T share their entrepreneurial experience with the B&T community. Ideas for business, success and prosperity are presented for the benefit of those who aspire to be more than just existing.

Family life (Stability-Balance-Relief-Careers...)

Have you ever thought of building a business with your family members? In this section you will find ideas, tips and openings for family success, cohesion in your relationship and the sustainability of your efforts, businesses and values through the involvement of your children.