B&T-U, A Mobile App, your SUCCESS


B&T-U Mobile App: Careers, Projects and Businesses


B&T-U Mobile App facilitates meetings between job seekers, project holders and companies. It can also allow users to promote their projects, services and products.

Our Vision

Our goal is to improve your knowledge, enhance your talents and potential, realise your aspirations, pursue your dreams and improve your personal and professional quality of life. Everything is POSSIBLE through faith and continuous deployment. If you seek fortune and success, it will come through the development of your power to think and act appropriately.

B&T-U is a mobile application dedicated to your SUCCESS

B&T-U: A Mobile App for your professional SUCCESS

B&T-U, a mobile app accessible to individuals, local and international businesses, It is a career, business project and business promotion tool.

Your B&T-U account gives you access to:

 Have the resources for your success story.
 Take advantage of job offers and commercial announcements.
 Take advantage of local and international visibility.
 Have a platform to promote your business projects.

B&T-U is a tool that contributes to your success through an offer of TRAINING, JOBS; an opportunity to promote your PROJECTS and a door to the creation of BUSINESSES.

Our B&T-U community

B&T-U App is designed for::


Job seekers


The promoters of business creation projects


Business owners


Group leaders


Lovers of leadership and management of organizations


Young lecturers and professional speakers.

Our sharing topics

Our sharing topics aim at capacity building, a professional career, effective project management and business creation. Our sharing topics are:


Personal & professional development;


Management of time;




Business start-ups;


Project management;




Business Law.

Mobile App B&T-U

To follow our TRAINING, find a JOB, share your PROJECTS and follow COMPANIES, download our mobile App B&T-U.

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Motivation in the workplace: Our EXPERTISE.

Does your staff lack motivation? Our leaders will help increase the productivity of your staff. Our leaders have motivated thousands of entrepreneurs and business executives. Why not you?

Would you like to do business in our B&T-U community?

Download our Mobile app B&T-U and PUBLISH your Ads in just a few clicks. It’s simple and convenient.

You can also:

1.Post job offers 2.Find profitable business projects. 3.Promote your business in our local and international community.

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