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Invest with Group B&T

Group B&T provides you with two investment funds. The A&L 2.0 fund which finances real estate projects and the A_TPE/PME 2.0 fund which finances short, medium and long-term projects for small and medium-sized manufacturing, processing and innovation companies.


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Start your business

If you are considering starting your own business, the B&T Group can help you set up your business plan and manage operations. We also offer financial support and advice for the growth and development of your business. Contact our local office to benefit from our financing services

Consulting services

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We have the resources to support you in the growth and development of your business or project.


Fund A_TPE/PMEs 2.0

This fund contributes to local economic development through the support provided to SMEs. It is possible to invest with Groupe B&T by contributing to our investment program for the development of small and medium-sized businesses, and real estate projects here. As a contributor, you receive follow-up in the implementation of your investment plan and the management of operations, as well as an exclusive benefit or a return on investment each quarter.

Invest with Group B&T

Fund A&L 2.0

This fund contributes to real estate development and local innovation. We plan, control and invest in the execution of real estate projects here and elsewhere. A safe real estate investment solution in your region of residence, origin or preference.

• Construction

• Renovation and interior design

• Real estate acquisition

• Property management

• Financing of works

Invest with Group B&T


As private or institutional investors, small or large, you can finance the activities of a company through a process of mergers and acquisitions. We can facilitate and coordinate this process. Let your money work for you, we look after your interests.

Invest with Group B&T


Obtain financing

Do you need to fund a project? Business projects: If you are looking to obtain financing for your project, the B&T Investissement Group can help you. We offer financing services for local small and medium-sized business projects, as well as personalized support to help you implement your business plan and manage operations. Real estate project: Groupe B&T finances for-profit real estate projects in the terminal phase. We also have an extensive network of contacts and projects to help you find potential investors.

Find resources for your business/project

Looking for resources for your business or project? The B&T Group has an extensive network of contacts and projects to help you find the resources you need, be it potential investors, business partners, suppliers or customers. We also offer management services to help you set up your business plan and manage operations.

Consulting services

Here are some of the services offered:

• Accounting and management, Taxation and personal and corporate income tax, HR

• Assistance in the evaluation and drafting of business plans, Market studies

• Fundraising

• Individual and group training

• Various support

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