Our market is made up of families, individuals, and small businesses. We offer support in real estate projects, business creation and development projects and ultimately, we offer advice and training. We have a team of agents and staff dedicated to the success of our clients. We base our work on team spirit, integrity, and dedication. The activities of the B&T GROUP are based on three programs:

1. Africa-Housing

Here we invest and encourage our clients to invest in modern housing. We facilitate the down payment process and the realisation of purchase, construction, and renovation projects in Africa. Our services are also available to Africans in the diaspora who are looking for a trusted company for immediate or future property investment.

2. Financing

This project management and small business finance programme targets the manufacturing and processing sector. We encourage strong individuals and companies to support small businesses through this financing programme which aims to grow the changing African economy.

3. Consulting and training

Our support goes beyond providing services, products, and financing. We also offer advice and training according to the needs of our clients. The training is done via B & T-University or through personalized supervision.