Real Estate Investment Services

Carry out your projects and investments with peace of mind

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We offer an investment and facilitation service in the planning, construction, renovation, interior design and purchase of residential and commercial properties in your area and elsewhere. We manage your real estate project and investments.

This service is offered to individuals and small businesses wishing to carry out a real estate project of any kind.

Do you have a real estate project? Do you want to invest in real estate? We have the resources nearby.

We take care of your project

Our program targets minor and major projects. Our project managers will be there for you.

Investing in a new construction, a renovation, an income property or simply a change of scenery? Are you looking for financing? We have adequate resources for your project.

Our Services

Where to start?

Conditions for accepting new projects

To benefit from our services, you must meet the following basic requirements:


Hold a title deed or any other similar document


Be in an easily accessible region for the realization of your project.


Provide proof of solvency or financing


Provide proof of identity


Be referred by a representative or an existing client

Ready to submit your PROJECT?

GROUPE B&T takes to heart all the projects submitted by its clients. The detailed study made by our experts on each project requires the required skills that we put at the disposal of your real estate project.

File study fees are required to understand, locate, analyze and determine the basic conditions for the completion of your project. For more information write to