Did you know that the B&T AWARDS is an annual summer African entrepreneurship competition that aims to encourage and celebrate young economic developers, entrepreneurs and local job creators? This program promotes local African investment and attracts foreign investment from members of the diaspora and foreign countries to participate in the economic development of African countries.

B&T AWARDS is an opportunity to promote your business, your projects; to meet potential partners, to meet investors, to consider partnerships and to find customers and suppliers.

How to participate?

To participate in the B&T Award, applicants residing in Africa and abroad must have a start-up or existing business operating in an African country at the time of submission of the application.

Who is this competition for?

The program is open to all sectors of activity and all countries in Africa. Projects and companies must have been in operation for a maximum of 60 months in Africa. The company must have created a minimum of five (05) permanent jobs.

Our commitment

The participation fees of the nominees, including airfare and hotel expenses, are covered by Groupe B&T and its partners.